Maybank Studios is based in a converted Victorian bakery in the Southside of Glasgow, less than a mile from the city centre


We have an ideal setup for live recording of acoustic or electric bands, with complete separation possible due to our complement of different rooms and booths. There are 2 live areas, a large control room and 2 isolation booths making up over 1200 sq ft of recording space,


All the rooms have direct visual contact with the control room, and each area has its own unique sound - The main live area has a natural but controlled acoustic, which works well for strings, acoustic guitars, and a big drum sound. The second live room has a drier sound, perfect for biting electric guitars, upfront brass and precise percussion. The two booths also have their own characteristic, and together the different rooms make for an extremely flexible and creative space.


The studio boasts a wide selection of high end modern and vintage equipment, from vintage RCA ribbon mics and Hammond organs to state of the art Prism converters and outboard from the likes of Avalon, Neve, Buzz audio. There are personal Hearback monitoring stations for headphone mixes, meaning each musician can control their own independent foldback mix during the recording session.


Whatever recording needs you have we can accommodate you. From a demo to a finished album, from voiceovers to complete soundtracks, just tell us what you need and we will make sure that you get exactly what you want from your studio time. We have recorded and mixed just about every type of music - from punk bands to pipe bands, rap to reggae, with choirs, classical ensembles and folk groups along the way.




Hourly Rate  (standard)      £35

Minimum booking 4 hours


Full Day Session (8 hrs)   £250

(weekdays only 10am - 6 pm, Mon-Fri, all bookings outside these hours charged at standard rate £30 ph))



All prices are for inhouse productions and include an experienced engineer/ producer, plus access to all studio equipment and facilities. Prices are valid for tracking, mixdown & mastering as well as programming, voiceover and post production


For bookings please contact us at or on 0141 429 8822




We have an extensive list of equipment to enable us to work at the highest level with every style of music.


It includes world class digital converters from Prism sound and SSL. and high end outboard from Neve, Inward Connections , Lexicon and Avalon. There are mics from Neumann, Manley and  Microtech Gefell, amps by Marshall, Fender, Vox, SWR - not to mention our instrument collection including vintage Hammond C3 and L100 (with Leslie speakers)and a top end Pearl Masters Series drumkit.


At the heart of the studio is our Amek Classic analogue recording console, patched into 64 I/O channels of Pro Tools HD, with DAW control on Euphonix Artist Mix units, and a plethora of choice plugins from Lexicon, Soundtoys, FabFilter and more........


As well as sonic excellence, we have chosen gear that enables sessions to run efficiently and smoothly, such as the Hearback headphone system allowing independent personal headphone mixes for live tracking, or the Alan Smart guitar DI system which enables guitar signals to be sent over long distances and between rooms with no loss of tone.


For a comprehensive equipment list please visit our gearlist page

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